Medical Benefits of Drugs

Yes Yes Yes Ruxandra…Completely agree! Let’s not forget about the medical benefits of such drugs. I don’t intend to make you confused with so many medical terms but here you have a list with medical benefits of such drugs:

Cannabis has been used in ancient times as an aid in childbirth and now is mostly used in palliative care, preventing patients from suffering.

Cocaine is documented in medicine since the 16th century and its use is restricted as an anesthetic and as a vasoconstriction agent.
GHB is used in the treatment of narcolepsy.
Heroine was introduce 1874 as an alternative to morphine and is now used as a painkiller under the name of Diamorphine, in very controlled situations.
Amphetamines are used as a drug to increase focus.
Methamphetamines are and FDA approved drug used in treating ADHD and exogenous obesity.

LSD is apparently good in psychiatric treatment and psychotherapy.
Barbiturates are efficient in the treatment for anxiety, insomnia and seizures.
Ketamine is good as a sedative.
Ecstasy was used in the 1970’s to treat patients with psychological problems.

Let’s not forget that there could be many more, but the fact that they are illegal, makes it so much harder for researchers to discover more. And yes, there are receipts for patients that are in need for Marijuana for example, because they are in pain. The fact is that not many doctors are comfortable prescribing illegal drugs and in UK you can’t even have that.

In my view why would governments interfere in people’s right to do whatever they want? As long as the use of such drugs are strictly regulated, and to defend Oana’s point more or less, as long as they do not affect people surrounding them, except themselves, the use of drugs should be OK. If you want to harm yourself, it is your right. What about cultures that define themselves through the use of drugs? Moreover I consider that it would probably stop border violence and as Ruxi proved, making drugs legal does not necessarily mean usage increase.

Here you have a video regarding official medical institutions acknowledging the medical benefits of Cannabis:  

So…What do you think? 

by Diana


Drug legalisation


Did you know that alcohol kills 6.5 times more youth than all other illicit drugs combined? Are you aware of the fact that in The Netherlands, where cannabis laws are far less harsh, drug usage is amongst the lowest in Europe?

From my perspective, drugs should certainly be legalised. Why? Well, to start with, we all know that prohibition does not work. Telling a person ‘it’s illegal to do this’ will only generate more curiosity and the adrenaline generated by ‘breaking the rules’ will always be more powerful.

Secondly, most of the violence associated with drug dealing is caused by its illegality, so legalising drugs would help regulate the market, reduce prices and, at the same time, it would decrease the criminality rate, as some dependent users resort to stealing to raise funds.

Furthermore, drugs are perceived as a taboo in our society, mainly because they are illegal, surrounded by myths and lies. People need transparency and more honest information. Legalising drugs would certainly raise awareness of their risks and positive effects, so when choosing to consume drugs or not, each individual would make its own, fully informed choice.

Lastly, regarding Oana’s perspective, I strongly believe that the problem of people consuming drugs in the streets and negatively affecting the non-users could certainly be solved by regulations! You see drunk people in the street every day… should alcohol become illegal? The impact on non-users is certainly not a strong enough reason to be against drugs legalisation, when there are so many pros. And The Netherlands case is the most convincing one: drug usage decreased after legalisation!

Check out Yaron Brook’s view on drugs legalisation: 

What do you think? Should drugs be legalised or not?

By Ruxandra