Feeding the trolls – a good idea?

Last month Facebook has announced that they currently have more than 1 BILION users. I see social media at this point as something that has got completely out of control and which is now impossible to monitor. Everything has advantages and disadvantages in this life and alongside those mammoth pluses social media brings to us, like practicing liberty of speech, fast traffic of information or global communicating and networking, there are also minuses and one of them is trolling.

The most obvious and most publicized trolling cases are those that are connected with public figures. In my view the fact that celebrities are trolled is just something that comes along with the fame and as long as they put themselves out there this risk is fairly logical. Nobody can please everybody; it is as simple as that. And yes, they receive comments and messages that are offensive and full of hate or envy but I consider that they should just be ignored or blocked/spammed. Sometimes celebrities receive death threats, especially if they seem based on real information, an extra safety measure is more than enough. But celebrity trolling is just something that happens on a daily basis.

One more thing that is fairly known about trolls is the fact they seek attention. I see this as another reason to just ignore them. And when it comes to EXTREME cases, when trolling has suicidal consequences, more factors come into place. Going back to Ruxandra’s example, where were Megan Meier’s parents? What exactly could the police have done when her reputation was already damaged? Even when they caught her troll, Drew, she was not even convicted.  So there you go!

Most trolling cases are based identity theft, therefore the only thing social media can do is to make more secure creation of accounts, which is fairly complicated already, but I see monitoring as a mission impossible. Here is a funny preview of how easy it is to access your true identity through Facebook! http://www.takethislollipop.com/ 

What do you think?

by Diana