Who’s blabbing

What’s “blabbing”?

Blabbing is defined as the reveal of secret matters especially through indiscreet or unreserved talk. We decided to blab as this blog considers ethical issues regarding society from a PR perspective.

Who’s blabbing?

We are three final PR and Communication students at the CIPR accredited course at Southampton Solent University. We are updated, fast, efficient, crazy, creative, upbeat and…real nerds. We always look, we always listen and we always have an opinion.

“I am the organizer freak.

I love Spanish culture and I am interested in Internal Comms and International PR.

I will blab eating Nutella and drinking Coke.” Ruxandra

“I am loud, opinionated and a real dreamer.

I am interested in Environmental Issues, CSR, Corporate Comms and International PR.

I will blog drinking a glass of red wine.” Oana

“I am creative, sceptical and sarcastic. 

I am interested in Advertising, Branding, Crisis and Reputation Management. 

I will blog eating chocolate cake and listening to loud music.” Diana

What are we blabbing about?

We write about ethical issues in today’s society from a  PR perspective. Are you interested in PR, Communication, Business, Social issues, Media, Environment, Technology, Advertising and so on?

You are on the right page to blab with us.



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