Killing me softly – Should we accept capital punishment?


What do you think about capital punishment? Is it ethical or not? More than 50 countries in the world including US (with more than half of its states) are still using capital punishment, which is actually a death sentence independently of the method of execution.

mainpromoIn my view I don’t see it as a major problem. Not currently anyway. It is based on the same regulations, you do something stupid, and one of your rights will be taken away from you. Usually we’re speaking about freedom but now it’s life. The basic rule seems to be that you have a right to be free as well as you have a right for life but when you affect the society in any way you have to pay.


The reason why I have no problem with capital punishment is because supporting a prisoner for life in prison costs the society a lot more than you think. In 2010, Erwin James, journalist at the Guardian, presented statistics which affirmed that back then, ONE prisoner had an ANNUAL average cost of £45 000. I would rather have those money go to poor children and families. I know I seem judgemental but I only see capital punishments appropriate for SERIAL KILLERS in their full mental state (usually they are not) but I define full mental state as being conscious and aware of his or her actions and the consequences those actions might have. Because at the end of the day we all have problems or we are disturbed in a way but we are mostly aware and apt to be held responsible for our actions. I also think before sentencing to death somebody, evidence must 100% clear and no doubt of innocence, because we are speaking about justice and human lives. 


time_management_softwareI consider it being a good for society. Do you think it is OK to torture people in order to get information from them that might harm the society? I would say YES, it is not the most ethical thing to do but it is for the greater good. Same rule applies to death sentenced prisoners. The most ethical thing to do would be to let them live and compensate their damage to society through daily hard work (whilst being treated ethically obviously) but then again, we have far more important things the society and governments have to worry about when it comes to the ethical side of everything. When we’ll afford it, and all poor children are well taken care of, and all poor families have a roof above their heads, and the health system is running at its 100% ethical capacity we can worry about serial killers as well.

What do you think? 

by Diana


9 thoughts on “Killing me softly – Should we accept capital punishment?

  1. me says:

    Anders Behring Breivik! After killing about 80 people the he gave an interview stating “well they have to kill me” (Norway does not have a death sentence) so what i’m going to ask is it ok that we give in to a serial killers demands ? 1 life for 80 ? that doesn’t seem fare and “sentences/prisons” are supposed to rehabilitate not keep people locked up so in other words what you want is to make that person UNDERSTAND what he did so you look him in a room till the end of his days and let him see the sunlight once every ten years (i’m all about giving people second chances :> ) although i can go on with this and I do agree with the death penalty in some political situations but very few and there are other solutions to the problem another thing is death penalty is tricky there were a few people WRONGLY put on death row and to be honest that’s the only reason why I would abolish death penalty the fact that you might be wrong (system ain’t perfect) does not give you enough reason to kill a man but it a long discussion on a very debatable topic but you could derive your next post out of this what is more important life or freedom?

  2. I get your point. True, system has flaws and might kill innocent people. That is why I’m saying it should not be abused and only used in very serious, no salvation cases, in which people KNOW and UNDERSTAND their actions but just do it for the fun of it or of vengeance etc. As I said, we don’t afford to abolish capital punishment at this moment in time because we have other global ethical issues that need to be resolved first.

    And about the 1 life for 80 thing…Yes it doesn’t seem fare, but I’m not saying kill him because of justice, I don’t call that justice, I am saying kill him so society and the families of his victims does not have to pay for his life in prison (which is highly expensive as stated above) and so he does not do it again (even with other prisoners). Serial killers are serial killer and they will always be serial killers (what second chance?) You give second chances to people that have done a mistake, to people that regret and to people that won’t do it again.


  3. me says:

    yes but this is the thing the people that do KNOW and UNDERSTAND their actions don’t deserve death row if they do know and understand that means they understand the consequence of their actions which is death for them it doesn’t matter so why should the system offer him this ? and when it comes to why the families should pay his prison livelihood for the same reason 1% of the entire population own about have of the world budget it might not be fair but a “lets kill him and be done with it” attitude won’t do on this matter economically I understand your point but if we really want to save money we should dissolve armies that would save a pretty penny hell we could distribute some money to less stable countries and continents but what I’m talking about is utopical and probably best if it never happened but I don’t agree with the death penalty not in “serial killers” who are probably the only ones that don’t deserve death penalty though 1st degree with premeditation … debatable

  4. OK, I respect your view. I still don’t see any point of abolishing capital punishment during one of the most severe economic recessions which will probably still affect us ten years from now. There is one reason and one reason only capital punishment should be abolished: human error or system failure regarding innocent people. I would also add that we do not have the right to kill but we do it anyway through other ways and means such as military force (killing children and families) so scratch that one. Back to square one: we have the right to take one human right (liberty) from a person and we don’t have the right to take another (life)? I think we should be consistent :)) In the end, are these inalienable rights or not?


  5. me says:

    i was consistent I just think the death penalty for some criminals is like a slap over the hand for robbing a bank

  6. me says:

    could I make a request for an article about “severe economic recessions” I heard there was one in the us a while back which was a bit worse

  7. I did mention mister ‘me’ ONE of the most severe economic recessions..Thanks anyway for trying to play smart.

  8. Vincent says:

    I do agree with the capital punishment, but in my opinion it should be the last punishment, and as you said, evidence has to be 100% clear. However, in my opinion, there are cases when death sentences cannot apply due to mental illnesses, for example. When you say “Because at the end of the day we all have problems or we are disturbed in a way” i disagree because there are people that actually have mental issues that lead them to do desperate actions against their volition.

  9. Hello Vincent. You disagree about what? About the fact that we are all disturbed in a way? I never said people with mental illnesses should ever be executed…I did mention that I think this should be applied only for people with a full conscious. And yes, it. should be indeed a last resource rather than being abused.


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