Medical Benefits of Drugs

Yes Yes Yes Ruxandra…Completely agree! Let’s not forget about the medical benefits of such drugs. I don’t intend to make you confused with so many medical terms but here you have a list with medical benefits of such drugs:

Cannabis has been used in ancient times as an aid in childbirth and now is mostly used in palliative care, preventing patients from suffering.

Cocaine is documented in medicine since the 16th century and its use is restricted as an anesthetic and as a vasoconstriction agent.
GHB is used in the treatment of narcolepsy.
Heroine was introduce 1874 as an alternative to morphine and is now used as a painkiller under the name of Diamorphine, in very controlled situations.
Amphetamines are used as a drug to increase focus.
Methamphetamines are and FDA approved drug used in treating ADHD and exogenous obesity.

LSD is apparently good in psychiatric treatment and psychotherapy.
Barbiturates are efficient in the treatment for anxiety, insomnia and seizures.
Ketamine is good as a sedative.
Ecstasy was used in the 1970’s to treat patients with psychological problems.

Let’s not forget that there could be many more, but the fact that they are illegal, makes it so much harder for researchers to discover more. And yes, there are receipts for patients that are in need for Marijuana for example, because they are in pain. The fact is that not many doctors are comfortable prescribing illegal drugs and in UK you can’t even have that.

In my view why would governments interfere in people’s right to do whatever they want? As long as the use of such drugs are strictly regulated, and to defend Oana’s point more or less, as long as they do not affect people surrounding them, except themselves, the use of drugs should be OK. If you want to harm yourself, it is your right. What about cultures that define themselves through the use of drugs? Moreover I consider that it would probably stop border violence and as Ruxi proved, making drugs legal does not necessarily mean usage increase.

Here you have a video regarding official medical institutions acknowledging the medical benefits of Cannabis:  

So…What do you think? 

by Diana


18 thoughts on “Medical Benefits of Drugs

  1. Ammar Bata says:

    banning of such drugs is a political thing… governments do it so that these drugs are not easily accessible thus pricey… it has nothing to do with the general health… although when a drug is approved they see if it’s side effects are not as severe as the illness itself… if they are it’s not approved… the only exception is chemotherapeutic drugs for cancer

  2. Thank you Ammar. If it is a political thing, did you think how much money drugs would bring to governments through taxes if they would be legalized? And what about crime and border violence? As Obama said this topic is worthy of debate.


  3. Ammar Bata says:

    The Governments don’t do this so they could get the money, no. They do it for the benefit of other people. But i think that the pharmacological reason is much stronger…

  4. chris says:

    legalizing drugs in a very controlversial topic. with all the good medical benefits i still do not think it is a good idea to open up drugs to the general public, doing that would cause more damage than any good just because buman beings have no self control.

  5. Thanks for your comment Chris. Human beings don’t have much control over alcohol as well and that’s legal. I think it’s people’s choice whether to use it or not. What do you think?


  6. chris says:

    True, sure the world have enough problems dealing with alcohol related issues and would rather not add to it. The world today is in this current state due to the choices goverment made in the past to deregulate banks only this time what we asking for has to do with human life. i think people should not be given this kind of choice.

  7. But they have already created a precedent, therefore people are now asking: why yes for alcohol and no for drugs? You’ve seen how the Prohibition worked out…


  8. chris says:

    Alcohol has been legal for people for age for a very long time. it is only now people are beinging to understand the demages caused by it. Goverments are even doing their best in trying to reduce the rate of alcohol consumption in the society,so i am not sure about creating a precedent.

  9. me says:

    so what you’re saying is consumption should not be in the consumers hands but the governments ?

  10. Alcohol consumption has been a major issue for a long time.. and Governments can’t actually do much on tackling this problem.. people got used to consuming alcohol, it’s part of their lifestyle, so they won’t give up… Do you think that legalising drugs would lead to a major increase in the number of users?


  11. Andy says:

    There will always be consumers not matter the consequences. Don’t try to prove that alcohol is a bad thing or ask why alcohol is legal and the rest of the drugs are not, for example coffee was not even mentioned and you can easily die from a heart attack, or even DMT which can take on the journey of THIS life. ( ) . Only the “popular” drugs were mentioned.

    “Drugs” is a bad word to describe these illegal or legal substances, in my point of view , they should be called “enhancers” or “medications” depending on the consumer.

    From my experience , everything can be consumed , under a specific and controlled dosage and everything that is consumed excessive can “harm” in a way or another.

    Out of all the people who commented , I don’t know how many of you have tried , at least one of the “enhancers” , in order to make an opinion on how your health is affected or improved.

    Legalizing drugs will always be a taboo subject. As mentioned before there will always be consumers, but legalizing will give monopoly to the government, which is a good thing , considering the taxes, teenagers will get in the possession of drugs even harder and the list can go on forever. At the same time , monopoly can represent also a bad thing, considering a student who is studying medicine and tries to get the best drug on the market or an old farmer which grows the best plants in his region, all of that will be gone, they will be produced at a large scale, consider all the (cancerous) additives which are harming you everyday whenever you eat.

    To sum all this , I consider drugs should be legalized and produced at an industrial scale, under specific standards.

  12. Tudor says:

    If they legalise drugs..they will become like alcohol…everyone (everyone who has money) will take drugs..and it will become a part of their lifestyle…most of the people drink alcohol and get drunk because they are depressed or have other problems..not just for fun…so..the same with drugs…”i’m sad..i will go and take some cocaine..or another drug..because now it’s legal. I don’t know if it’s a good thing to legalise drugs…because they solve a problem but they might create a different one.

  13. Thank you Andy. I think you said my point quite clearly. Obviously the medical advantage of them is only one side, but as you said there are many more. As long as their usage is strictly regulated and maintained under control, drugs are more than fine to be legalized.


  14. Hello Tudor,

    I see your point but consider the fact that people know what alcohol can do to their bodies and are aware of the consequences, same stands for smoking. Why would not be the same for drugs? Under strict regulations, people should be able to take the decision for themselves. The advantages of legalizing drugs are massive and I think it would solve some problems. If somebody thinks that it actually creates more, let’s just deny alcohol as well.


  15. Mary says:

    I think the War on Drugs kills more people than the drugs themselves. In the US, for example, shared needles are the main AIDS spreader.
    Drugs can cause irresponsible behavior, but so can stress, not getting enough sleep, prescription medications, and drinking. We ban the behavior, since banning it’s cause is a hopeless task.

  16. Ethical Blabbing says:

    Hello Mary! I see that you are in favour of legalizing drugs. Do you think governments would have to gain or lose from such a decision?

  17. Ethical Blabbing says:

    Chris, of course there are problems alcohol creates, and of course there will be problems drugs can create if legalized, but in my opinion there will be less problems than what drugs create now. We have an example in the history and it seems alcohol creates less problems now in comparison to what happened during the Prohibition. Do you see my point?


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